Celtic Beds are Proud to Present a Unique Collection of Iron Beds

Since 1992 our team at Celtic Beds have been producing metal beds that have taken pride of place in bedrooms all across the world. We have produced a unique set of Iron Bed designs that are sure to meet all tastes. Please explore our Bed collections to find an Iron bed that best suits your Bedroom. Our iron beds are exclusively available on our website and won’t be found elsewhere.

We offer traditional and contemporary Iron beds, Iron canopy beds, low-end beds in a variety of colours. We offer our customers a unique set of colour options, allowing them to personalize their iron bed.

Our Iron Beds are made of Wrought Iron, weighing as much as three times as some modern reproductions. All our beds are made by hand using traditional processes for casting, forging and finishing. Our factory slideshow below illustrates these processes.

We are a family company in Ireland and pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service as well as quality Wrought Iron Beds. All our prices include delivery from Ireland. 

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